Capture the moment to give the desire!

the moment!

The authenticity of your image.

An original photo will always be more effective than an impersonal visual taken from an image bank. Authenticity will reassure your future customers and affirm your true identity, the quality of your products.

Portrait de dirigeants / collaborateurs

Portrait of managers / employees

Both modern and sober...

Realization of professional portraits of your company's managers and employees for all your communication supports (press relations, website, AGM, reports, etc.). The photo shoot can take place in your premises, in our studio, or in a setting that we have chosen together. This photo shoot is made to measure.

Modern and sober portraits in your premises or in our studio. These portraits will contribute to convey the values of your company.

Homogeneous portraits of your employees. Ideal to present your teams on your website or your company directory, these homogeneous photos allow you to control the image of your employees.

Reportage d’entreprise

Company reportage

Event, business or social reportage.

Whether to cover an event or to illustrate your activities, we offer the realization of complete corporate reports. Whether it's for a conference or a public relations event, for example, we will cover the entire event in order to produce lively and modern photographs.

During a conference, a General Assembly, we realize photos of the speakers, the atmosphere, the workshops or the animations.

Photos that enhance your business. Realized in your premises or on your places of intervention, these photos are close to a reportage approach. They aim to illustrate the reality of your business while taking care of every detail.

Associations domain to enhance their actions. To put forward with sensitivity and sincerity the human dimension of their missions. Our discretion is also an asset in order to be able to capture sometimes fragile moments.

Paysage / Architecture

Landscape / Architecture

Sublimate the space!

Architectural photography requires specific shooting techniques to highlight interior and exterior spaces, while respecting the fundamentals of photography which are the mastery of light, composition and framing, as well as the homogeneity of the images in the same series. Aesthetic expression is a matter of sensitivity and each photographer will bring his or her own view of the photographed subject.

A careful composition integrating foreground, middle ground and background, a precise framing, rigorous verticals, balanced perspectives, a worked light mixing ambient lighting and auxiliary lighting, the control of the luminosity differences between interior and exterior, the meticulous respect of the colors and an important time devoted to the shooting and the post-production result in attractive photographs, with a realistic rendering.

Shooting packshot

Shooting packshot

Make noticeable and highlight the beauty...

The "packshot" designates the shooting of an object in a studio. This process consists in enhancing your products with intense and diffused light in order to give them a dimension and an increased credibility. It is an essential rendering to allow your customers to visualize your products in detail.

Our team of professionals will work to highlight and beautify all your products, accessories, jewelry, leather goods, shoes, cosmetics, spirits ... For e-shops, catalogs or sales brochures we realize professional shots so that your customers enjoy your products before tasting them.

Colorimetric retouching

Sublimate again and again...

The photo retouching allows to improve greatly the aspect of the final photo but it also allows to simplify the means implemented at the time of the shooting. Our real knowledge in photo retouching allows us to anticipate this phase at the time of the shooting to prepare the visuals to have an optimal quality.


Create the unreal!

It is possible to make montages from one or more photographs: removing a detail, adding a person ... It can also refer to more important modifications. If we transform a photograph to add a person or to remove one, we speak then about photomontage or photographic trickery.

Beauty retouching

The beauty photo retouching on a face allows to quickly remove small defects (on a portrait: in particular spots, red eyes, nose, ears).